Seeds of hope

Changing lives starts with sowing hope

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Sowing seeds also brings self-sufficiency and dignity

Seeds need to be sown, watered and tended as the small shoots appear and develop into crop-bearing plants. We have found that providing seeds to families produces amazing fruit in their lives. It’s a picture of what is happening in them. No matter what has brought them into poverty and hardship, all have the potential within themselves, with loving encouragement, to reach out for something better. But it’s their own efforts and diligence that produce the results.

"With every seed we plant, we have more hope," Ana Marie from Romania said. Sowing seeds also brings self-sufficiency and dignity.

Just $25 buys one parcel of quality seeds.

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What we do

We provide boxes of seeds to families that have a suitable plot of land to grow and cultivate fruit and vegetables. We work alongside them to give them the skills they need to harvest several times a year. We help them grow food for their family to eat and food for them to sell to increase their income. 

"We were provided with seeds for tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, peppers, potatoes and many other vegetables. This produce will last us for the summer, and we'll preserve some for the winter."  Dida, Bulgaria.


families last year livestock or agricultural equipment to become self-sufficient


families were given seeds and tools to help grow their own food


students received a scholarship to study agriculture or food studies




Help transform lives and bring hope for the future

To donate via internet banking, our ANZ account number is 06-0185-0122206-12 or call us on 0800 469 269, THANK YOU!