Mission Without Borders partners with a church in Ukraine and together they bless thousands of people.
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Shining a Light Through Unity

The loving acts of service done in God’s name are powerful at breaking down harmful mindsets and bring people together in unity – and this was discovered by a volunteer from Karpylivka church when they helped the people of Kharkiv, a region in the east.

Kharkiv came under heavy bombardment from Russian troops, and received help from the church, supported by many others in western regions.

There has always been some sense of division between western and eastern regions in Ukraine. Ukrainians living in the east – many of whom speak Russian – believed that people in the west of the country hated them.

Similar to so many places, differences in culture and background led to some mistrust and misunderstanding – and the propaganda that many people were fed did not help.

When the people of Kharkiv received food supplies donated by their western Ukrainian neighbours in 2022, they were crying – amazed that people in the west would show love to them.

This was the testimony of one of the local volunteers.

The war has brought together people in unity from all over Ukraine.

Faithful People Shine a Light

The war has been ongoing for over a year – but the people of Karpylivka have not stopped giving and serving.


Instead, it would seem that God multiplies everything they have.


Every day, tons and tons of donated food is sent from western regions to eastern regions, to the areas hardest hit by the war. Tons of humanitarian aid made possible by MWB’s supporters is taken to the east of Ukraine too – by the same volunteers.


A bakery in Karpylivka bakes bread to be delivered up to 900km away, and there is so much joy on the faces of those people who received fresh loaves after having not seen bread in weeks.


Various meals are also cooked by local women. These are then frozen and can easily be reheated later. These meals are very convenient for people who live in places without cooking facilities.


Many men from Karpylivka church have been regularly travelling to the war zone, right up to the frontline, evacuating people and delivering essentials. They have risked their lives to save others from death. Ordinary, rural people are accomplishing incredible feats of bravery. They are not looking for rewards or to be called heroes; rather, they are following the voice of God and their conscience, moved by the urgency and need they see before them.


In areas that have been liberated from Russian occupation, where there is no gas or electricity, volunteers visit and cook hot meals for hundreds of people.


They use a field kitchen provided by MWB and cook with vegetables and grains grown up MWB’s agricultural project in Sarny. Many details such as these show the beauty and power of MWB working together with the church to serve others in incredible ways.


Read Pastor Volodymyrs full story here

Shining a Light Through Partnerships

MWB’s partnership with churches has always been a powerful tool for reaching people for Christ in Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe.


The churches have an established place in the community, they know the local people and can provide Christian volunteers for our programmes – while MWB blesses the churches by sharing resources and providing support.


As MWB works together with local churches, many people have benefitted – and most importantly, have had the chance to hear the gospel and grow in their faith. If you'd like to be part of transforming lives in Jesus' name, then please give today by clicking on the orange button below. Thank you!







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