Right now, families, children, the elderly, the homeless and people with disabilities are fighting for their lives. Please help us today to bring life-saving food to people living in this war.



Since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Mission Without Borders’ office in Sarny, western Ukraine, began to resemble a logistics centre, organising humanitarian aid. 

Various communities and MWB’s partner churches in the area regularly deliver donations they have gathered – food, clothing and more – for further sorting and transporting to Kyiv, Chernihiv, Mykolaiiv, Sumy, Kharkiv oblasts and other parts of Ukraine suffering from hostilities.

Through Mission Without Border’s connections with churches, we also receive humanitarian help from abroad, from Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, New Zealand and more.

Volodymyr Khomych, MWB’s manager in Sarny, said, “Our whole country is working together in unity to support our people and our army during this awful war. The volunteer movement is just amazing. Every day, people from Sarny town and from the suburbs come here offering to volunteer. Everyone wants to help and do something. 

Our local staff and partner churches are on the ground providing accommodation and meals for refugees at the borders and across Moldova and Romania. “Mission Without Border's cooking and sewing class teachers are cooking meals three times a day for the refugees coming in almost every minute".

Families are fleeing from the violence in unprecedented numbers and seeking safety in other countries, as families are being split apart as men18 through 60 years old are not allowed to leave Ukraine. The crowds at the borders are almost exclusively women and children who have had to leave their fathers, sons and brothers behind, desperately hoping to see them again.

It is estimated that 2 million Ukrainians have been displaced from their homes and fled to neighbouring countries. The poverty, food insecurity and homelessness are escalating like never before.

Will you join us in helping our Mission Without Borders team in Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania by providing emergency food and water to people displaced from their homes? 

We have teams on the ground working with families, children, the elderly, the severely ill, the homeless, and those with disabilities either crossing the border or still living in and amongst this brutal war. Many have been debilitatingly cut off, ending up without their families or any support 

Can you imagine the horror of living in such an environment? 

We are transporting essential items, such as mattresses, linen, warm and protective clothing and infant and maternity care items into Ukraine – as well as to Moldova and Romania to support refugees there.

Please donate to our Ukraine Emergency Fund and provide emergency care, shelter and food today.


4,030 children sponsored 

18 students gifted a scholarship

91 families became self-sufficient last year


Hello from Mykola

Mykola Bogdanets has been the Country Manager since 1993, when MWB Ukraine was established. 

He says, "For 25 years, we have been continually bringing hope to the helpless, and we continue supporting children, families, the elderly and refugees. Ukraine’s war-torn economy has been plunged into crisis, and consumer prices, medicine and utility costs are constantly rising. The current political uncertainty adds to the overall difficult situation, stalling the needed political and economic reforms.

"In such times, we continue offering hope, love and support, and we are confident that with God’s help and our generous supporters, we will continue doing good works into the future. 

“I thank all the dear donors of Mission Without Borders for your contribution to the welfare of the Ukrainian families, children and adults.

 Please pray for peace in Ukraine and may God bless you for sharing your hearts with us."




Help transform lives and bring hope for the future

To donate via internet banking, our ANZ account number is 06-0185-0122206-12 or call us on 0800 469 269, THANK YOU!