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Addressing Homelessness in Bulgaria: Mission Without Borders' Street Mercy Program

Bulgaria grapples with a significant homelessness challenge, where economic hardships and social inequalities leave many without shelter or support. In response to this pressing issue, Mission Without Borders has initiated the Street Mercy Program, a compassionate endeavor aimed at providing essential aid and support to those living on the streets.

The program operates with a deep understanding of the multifaceted issues contributing to homelessness in Bulgaria. Economic instability, limited employment opportunities, and insufficient social safety nets create formidable barriers for individuals and families seeking stability and security.

Through the Street Mercy Program, Mission Without Borders delivers vital resources such as food, clothing, and medical assistance directly to those in need. Beyond meeting immediate physical needs, the program offers a beacon of hope and compassion, reminding individuals experiencing homelessness that they are not forgotten or abandoned.

Our Initiatives

The Street Mercy program fosters community engagement and empowerment, striving to build meaningful connections and restore dignity to those marginalized by society. By offering a hand of friendship and support, Mission Without Borders seeks to uplift people and ignite a sense of resilience among Bulgaria's homeless population.

In collaboration with local partners and volunteers, the Street Mercy Program extends its reach to provide holistic care and assistance, including access to temporary shelter, job training programs, and counseling services. Through these comprehensive efforts, Mission Without Borders endeavors to break the cycle of homelessness and facilitate pathways to a brighter and more hopeful future for all individuals in need.

Together, let us join hands to extend compassion, aid, and solidarity to the homeless population of Bulgaria, ensuring that no one is left behind or overlooked in their journey towards restoration and renewal.

Just $20 provides five hot meals to a homeless person and the love and care from our staff and volunteers.

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