Supporting Us Through Prayer

Making a meaningful impact  

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Your prayers are Valued and Needed

Pray for Families in Need: Lift Them in Spirit
Offer heartfelt prayers for the families we serve, asking for strength, healing, and guidance in their lives. Your prayers can provide a source of comfort and hope during their journey out of poverty.

Pray for Our Team: Sustain and Empower
Pray for our dedicated team as they tirelessly work to uplift families and communities. Ask for wisdom, resilience, and inspiration as they navigate challenges and strive to make a lasting difference.

Pray for Impactful Partnerships: Foster Collaborative Solutions
Pray for fruitful collaborations and partnerships that enable us to expand our reach and effectiveness. Ask for divine guidance in connecting with like-minded organizations, individuals, and resources to multiply our impact.

Pray for Awareness and Support: Amplify Our Mission
Pray that our mission and vision resonate with hearts around the world. Ask for increased awareness and support, so that more people can join us in breaking the cycle of poverty and transforming lives. Your prayers have the power to bring about positive change and uplift those in need. Thank you for standing with us in prayer and making a meaningful impact through your spiritual support.

Download latest prayer diary HERE




Please pray for the people of Ukraine, for wise leaders and peacemakers on every side. Pray for children and families who have lost homes in the conflict, for many who have had their lives torn apart through fleeing to the borders, leaving husbands and sons to fight. Please use these materials in your church or fellowship group.


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