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No one should miss out on the joy of Christmas!

But for many families, children, the elderly, and the homeless they are living in poverty in Eastern Europe. Christmas is a time when all they want is food. Operation Christmas Love meets the needs of families and elderly people so that on this special occasion, they can sit down and eat together, knowing that they are loved.

Vitalie Istrate, our Coordinator in Bosnia Herzegovina says, “Maybe some people dream about fancy things, but most of the people here in Moldova dream to have food on their table… I always try to have some cookies or fruit with me when I visit the families- what a joy is to see the children taking them and eating with so much appetite and happiness. Their happiness is my happiness." 

With the help of generous kiwis like you, we can reach many more families, children and the elderly living in poverty this Christmas. 

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Here at Mission Without Border's, we find ourselves in contact with ever greater numbers of people who are very often treated as worthless, are overlooked and ignored by society. Those we come into contact with are hungry, sick, lonely and battle-weary from the constant struggle of trying to stay alive. 

What we'd like to do is deliver 42,000 christmas love boxes across our six field countries. We want Christmas to be a day when families suffering from higher winter costs, the stress of unpaid bills, unemployment or poorly-paid jobs can forget their troubles and simply join in the celebrations.

Pavlo Melnyk our family coordinator in Ukraine says, “Many families have been livingunder great stress and fear since thebeginning of the war. They are afraidand worried about whether theywould be able to feed their childrentomorrow and would they be able tobuy food. Prices for everything havealmost doubled, and the purchasingpower of families has plummeted.That’s why our help is more vital thanever before. I’m really happy we canhelp families and make them relievedof their everyday stress and anxieties."

The average cost to create an Operation Christmas Love box is $45 NZD, including production and supply items.
All of the boxes are produced locally and the food is also sourced locally - keeping costs down and removing any form of international shipping.

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To donate via internet banking, our ANZ account number is 06-0185-0122206-12 or call us on 0800 469 269, THANK YOU!