Our teams are distributing emergency relief supplies across Durres. 

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Albania Earthquake

Albania Earthquake Relief

Aftershocks are still being felt across Durres, Albania and some of our staff, along with thousands of others have been made homeless by the disaster. Our staff are reporting people are panicking as tremors continue, with many afraid or unable to return home. While all of our sponsored families are accounted for there is a huge need for emergency supplies.

We are distributing the food, clothing and sanitation items. Also a truck of goods is being prepared at our warehouse in Romania with additional relief supplies.

Andrew NZ Director visited in 2016 and is shocked by the news, “I have personally seen the housing that many poor families live in. An earthquake of this magnitude hits very hard. Unlike New Zealand, they don’t have insurance for their homes or possessions, so many will have lost everything. Many families and elderly will be looking to us for whatever help we can offer them.”

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Winter rescue

Winter rescue

The harsh winter has arrived in Europe with temperatures dropping to -20 degrees. Decrepit roofs, broken windows, and draughty walls in a home are making children prone to sickness but families have no money to pay for medicine.

We are there helping these families by distributing warm clothes, sturdy boots and firewood for the furnace. Help us keep children warm this winter.

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