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A year of unrelenting war: Ukraine's devastation and humanitarian crisis 

For more than a year, Ukraine has been caught in the grip of a harrowing and destructive war, leaving behind a trail of unimaginable consequences. The toll has been catastrophic, with lives lost, injuries sustained, and countless individuals traumatized. Many have been forced to flee their homes, experiencing the profound loss of everything they held dear, while the nation itself lies in ruins.

In the eastern regions of Ukraine, the landscape bears witness to the relentless devastation. Buildings, once thriving and full of life, now stand as hollow shells. Office blocks without roofs and homes reduced to rubble dominate the scenery. Amidst this wreckage, the people suffer, facing hunger, desperation, and a lack of basic necessities such as food, water, healthcare, shelter, and electricity.

The situation is dire, and the need for urgent humanitarian assistance is paramount. Together, we can work towards alleviating the suffering and restoring hope in the lives of those affected by this ongoing crisis.

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 Ukrainian photographer documents one year of war in powerful exhibition!

One year on from the start of the escalation of the Ukraine/Russia war on 24 February 2022, Ukrainian Photographer, Misha Vavylyuk, shares pictures from the last 12 months in a moving and powerful online exhibition. 


Through his photos, Misha, who works for the international charity Mission Without Borders in Ukraine, hopes that they will show the world what his country people have been going through this past year. 



"My hope is that these pictures will make people feel closer to us. The enemy is dreadful and enormously big, and its intentions are cruel. We really need support of the world and I hope that the world will not turn its face from us,” he said.

To view the online exhibition, click below.

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When you sponsor a family, you become part of their story. For $45 a month you will help provide practical, emotional and spiritual support to some of the poorest and marginalised families in Eastern Europe.  

Our goal is to help the families become self-sufficient, eventually being able to take care of themselves.  You can exchange letters, photos and cards throughout your sponsorship and share the family's challenges, successes and milestones. Join us and change a family's life for good.

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When you sponsor a child, you become part of their story.  From $45 a month, you will help provide practical, emotional, and spiritual support to a child living in poverty.  Your support will meet a child's basic needs, such as food, hygiene items, clothing, and medicines. We also provide life-skills teaching, counselling and Christian summer camps. 

As children grow, we offer vocational training and scholarships to prepare them for an independent life.

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7.6 million

Over 7 million Ukrainian refugees are estimated to be displaced by the war. This is now the fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II.

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