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Urgent aid is needed for Ukraine's crisis.
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A Global Call to Prayer - Event

Join thousands of people in prayer for Ukraine.

On February 24th, the people of Ukraine will have endured an unrelenting war on their homes, families, and country for two years.

In light of this, we invite you to join us for a global call to prayer for the people of Ukraine on February 23rd, 24th, or 25th.

If you'd like to get involved and perhaps encourage your church or friends to join in, please register below. We will provide resources to support your participation, including a prayer guide, posters, social media content, and the option to request a speaker if desired.

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How Russia's war is changing childhood in Ukraine.

The conflict initiated by Russia has brought about a profound change in Kharkiv, even affecting the realm of childhood.


Missiles rain down on Ukraine's second-largest city from the nearby Russian border, leaving mere seconds to intercept them.


With the constant threat to Kharkiv, the likelihood of these missiles hitting is high, and finding shelter becomes a challenging task.


In the interest of safety, school and kindergarten buildings have remained closed for nearly two years, leaving playgrounds deserted.


As the extensive war approaches its third year, aspects of life in Kharkiv are shifting beneath the surface.


Deep within the metro system, specially constructed classrooms run parallel to the platforms at five stations.


To adapt to the evolving circumstances, local authorities initiated underground school lessons several months ago.


Recently, they expanded their efforts by introducing preschool classes on weekends.


Click below to read the full story - written by Sarah Rainsford from BBC news.


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When you sponsor a family, you become part of their story. For $45 a month you will help provide practical, emotional and spiritual support to some of the poorest and marginalised families in Eastern Europe.  

Our goal is to help the families become self-sufficient, eventually being able to take care of themselves.  You can exchange letters, photos and cards throughout your sponsorship and share the family's challenges, successes and milestones. Join us and change a family's life for good.

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When you sponsor a child, you become part of their story.  From $45 a month, you will help provide practical, emotional, and spiritual support to a child living in poverty.  Your support will meet a child's basic needs, such as food, hygiene items, clothing, and medicines. We also provide life-skills teaching, counselling and Christian summer camps. 

As children grow, we offer vocational training and scholarships to prepare them for an independent life.

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9.9 million

Over 9 million Ukrainian's are estimated to be displaced by the war. This is now the fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II.

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