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Let kids be kids

Our Summer Camps create an opportunity for children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to have a break from their everyday struggles. 

We provide a loving Christian community, introduce the children to Jesus and to Biblical truth, and feed them with nutritious food. Camp is often the first place they feel safe and happy and can have fun, be accepted, and be themselves. 

“I liked the atmosphere here. It was impossible to be sad. The sketches were very funny, and they also taught us a lot. I enjoyed learning Bible verses and really enjoyed working in teams and making handicrafts and of course jumping on the trampoline. For me, everything was great. I thank God for this wonderful time.”

- Andrei, 12

“These 5 days were the best thing this summer. I gave my life to Jesus. I made new friends and enjoyed spending time with the leaders. The Christian songs, Bible stories and games were great. I am grateful to those who organised this club.” 

- Alexandru, 12

My mother is in prison and I hardly ever see my father and grandmother. This camp that you organised was amazing. When we were told you were coming, I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. I learned from the Bible dramas how Esau forgave Jacob, who stole his inheritance. I learned that rather than hide bad things, it's better to do the right thing.”

- Dana, 9

What we do

At Summer Camps children have the opportunity to take a break from their everyday struggles in poverty and enjoy a week (or few days) filled with fun, positive experiences, friendship with peers and with adults, and encounter the truth of God's Word and his love for them.

Every $125 gives one child five days at camp. 

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2021 update

Last year Mission Without Borders was determined to seize every opportunity to share God’s love and message of hope with children, against the backdrop of anxiety and hopelessness across much of Eastern Europe. Following government COVID-19 guidelines, MWB Moldova ran several day camps and other countries ran similar events when and where possible.
This year, the situation is a lot brighter and all six field countries are expecting to run their scheduled full-length summer camps. Your donation today will help us run more of these camps and events for children. Please give generously so we can show these children God's great love even in these times of uncertainty. 


children attended summer camp last year



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