We believe every child deserves an education!

Backpacks make learning fun in school. What is a backpack and why do we do it?


For many children who live in conflict, war, poverty and are marginalised; education can be completely out of reach.

Across Eastern Europe the children in the villages grow up in incredibly tough environments and receive very little educational, emotional or spiritual guidance from their parents or the wider community. 

It is easy for children to adopt their family's lifestyle of hopelessness and dysfunction which then becomes difficult to see a way out.

Education can be the difference between staying in generational poverty or a child becoming and reaching their dreams.

Education can eliminate poverty in families. Where there is income inequality or poverty that is transmitted from one generation to another children have little to no hope of having any sort of education. Improving education can give children who are less fortunate the change to have a boost in life. Without education, they will grow up to be further marginalised, socially excluded, and unable to get employment, leaving them in the brutal cycle of continued poverty.

The statistics are staggering and just one extra year of schooling can increase a child's adult earning by up to 10%.

What is a backpack?

A backpack will provide a child with school supplies for the year ahead. They are given to the children at the beginning of the academic year and are filled with a range of school supplies like pencils, pens, watercolours, books, notebooks, crayons and much more.

Backpacks lift a huge burden off families that are already struggling to put food on the table and cannot afford these extra expenses that every child deserves to have. The backpacks also give the children confidence that they can go to school fully equipped to learn and progress.

Why we do it?

Here at Mission Without Borders we believe every child deserves an education and are committed to helping thousands of children break free from the cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

For every child we serve we witness how hard and long the journey is, but with your support we can start now and make a difference to children's futures and help transform their lives.

Please consider making a donation today! Just $45 provides one child a backpack filled with all the school supplies they need but it also gives them a hope for their future.  

Thank you!

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Every year thousands of children receive backpacks and school supplies.




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