Summer Camps are here!

Summer Camp provides a safe place to play; safe people to talk to and the chance to be children again.

Please consider making a donation today! Just $25 provides a child one fun and amazing day at Summer Camp. Please support us in giving as many children as possible that place to laugh and play!


For many children there is a lack of opportunities to play at home; extra responsibilities; living in a conflict zone, or because home is not safe.

Across Eastern Europe the children in the villages grow up in incredibly tough environments and receive very little educational, emotional or spiritual guidance from their parents or the wider community. 

It is easy for children to adopt their family's lifestyle of hopelessness and dysfunction which then becomes difficult to see a way out.

During the school holidays, especially the long summer break, many of the children have to get up early to help their parents with work. Others travel to towns and cities to beg for money form passers by in crowded tourist areas. Unsupervised, some children get into trouble with the law – while others become easy targets for exploitation. 

Many children are separated from their parents for the whole summer as their parents do seasonal work abroad and are left behind with neighbours or relatives. 

For those children with any leisure time, there are very few ways of passing the long summer. There are no playgrounds in these villages and where they do exist, they’re in such a state of disrepair that they’re not safe places to play. Toys, board games, sports equipment, or even a delicious meal are something that children in these villages rarely have. Getting to go on holiday or to Summer Camp seems like a dream that could never come true.

What We Do

Every year hundreds of precious children attend our Summer Camps. 

Summer camps are organised many months in advance. Everything is thought through, and the volunteers make sure they take time off work to help and get involved.

The camps are run in beautiful settings where children can freely enjoy nature and have enough space to safely play under the close supervision of the volunteers. 

Swimming, ziplining, trampolining, fun activities and delicious treats help to create the most wonderful time. The Bible teachings have an incredible impact, with God’s salvation through Jesus Christ the foundation of all our teaching. We teach about forgiveness, kindness, acceptance, friendship, prayer, obedience, and joy.

Some of the benefits of Summer Camps for the children are they gain self-confidence, and experience another way of life. They make new friends, try new foods, learn entertaining songs, and see a puppet show for the first time. They receive love and value, and get to know about the Creator. As a result, lives are transformed. 

Nicoleta who attended a Summer Camp said, “Thank you so much for my two younger sisters and I to have the chance to have an unforgettable experience at summer camp. I pray that nothing will stop summer camp from happening and that we’ll be able to go along again. It’s one of my greatest wishes."

Please consider making a donation today! Just $25 provides a child one fun and amazing day at Summer Camp. Please support us in giving as many children as possible that place to laugh and play!

Thank you!

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Every year thousands of precious children attend Summer Camps.




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