"The Best Week Ever" in Ionut's life

Ionut who is thriving in MWB's Child Sponsorship Program finds Summer Camp a blessing

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Ionut, aged 12, resides in Solca, Romania, alongside his parents and five siblings. Nestled in the northeast amidst picturesque rolling hills and forests, Solca offers limited employment prospects. Some locals engage in forestry, while others gather mushrooms and berries for sale. Additionally, many seek seasonal agricultural work in Germany due to the scarcity of opportunities at home.

Ionut's parents, lacking stable employment, grasp at any available work, facing considerable hardships. Living in impoverished conditions, the family struggles to provide the essentials for their children.

 For vibrant children like Ionut, the summer holidays can seem dreary. With limited options to fill the long days, it's particularly challenging for those living in poverty to explore new activities, socialize, or develop new skills. This is why Ionut cherishes his enrolment in Mission Without Borders's child sponsorship program, as it grants him the opportunity he eagerly awaits each summer: attending summer camp.

As beneficiaries of sponsorship, Ionut and his siblings receive consistent assistance, aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty they're entrenched in and paving the way for a brighter tomorrow. For Ionut, summer camp embodies this vision of a better future—a place where he finds renewal, engages in enriching activities, learns new skills, and enjoys the companionship of friends.

 Ionut said, “I love it at summer camp. I looked forward to being in the camp this summer and hopefully I will do it again next year.

“We enjoy every single thing here. Making new friends, playing games or eating cotton candy – it’s all so much fun. It’s by far the best week of the year. We can hardly wait from one year to the next to come along to summer camp again.”

MWB's summer camps are a culmination of dedication, foresight, and careful organization. Staff and volunteers invest their time and expertise in planning a plethora of engaging activities, including games, workshops, hikes, and surprises, alongside memorable Bible lessons and uplifting songs. Set amidst picturesque landscapes, each camp offers a range of amenities such as swimming pools, sports fields, and bouncy castles, providing children with a diverse and enriching experience.

Throughout the week, children immerse themselves in learning about God's kingdom and are captivated by stories of Jesus and his teachings.


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