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The war in Ukraine has disrupted the education of 7.5 million children.

August is typically a critical time of year for young people in Eastern Europe, however more than ever they need our help! Their futures are under attack due to a two-year pandemic and now a brutal war which has disrupted so many lives.

Newsweek points out that that Ukraine is the first big conflict to take place in a nation primed to implement remote learning on a large scale, courtesy of the two-year pandemic: “The Ukrainian government has launched an aggressive campaign to keep children linked to their schools by mobilizing the remote learning infrastructure built up during the pandemic. Some children have been calling in from bomb shelters on tablets, while others have reconnected with classmates by calling in to remote learning sessions even after leaving the country and settling in Europe.”

Newsweek also shares that research has shown how war often derails education, permanently disrupting earning potential and leaving children who make it through with invisible scars that will endure into old age. Children from conflict zones experience higher unemployment and poorer work outcomes as adults. 

But this doesn't have to necessarily be the case. If you can help a young person through a scholarship, you can change a future! Through your support their tuition fees, transport, food and school supplies are covered. 

What our scholarships provide?

Our scholarships offer young people the life-long gift of education. It gives them the chance to fulfil their dreams and the opportunity to give back to their families, and communities. Our scholarships include fees, accommodation, transport costs, and school supplies to ensure every student can confidently focus on their studies.

Please help us today help young people further their education and training opportunities and change their future...we need your help. Your support will make the impossible possible.

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