MWB Aiding Homeless Refugees

Mission Without Borders working on the border with Ukraine helping homeless, broken and distraught refugees.

As refugees pour out of Ukraine we are there!

Refugees are now pouring out of Ukraine into neighbouring countries, and Mission Without Borders staff and volunteers have been ready to welcome them in Palanca, a village in Moldova at its border with Ukraine.

On the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 50km of cars lined up at customs in Palanca, waiting for their turn to cross the border. Later, Ukrainians began using other border crossing points into Moldova, but Palanca remains the busiest, with thousands of people gathering there and greeted by Moldovan volunteers.

More than 70,000 refugees from Ukraine have entered Moldova in the last few days, the press service for the Moldovan Interior Ministry said on Sunday.

The refugees are devastated, exhausted, cold and very scared, because they didn’t think they would have to leave their country in order not to be murdered. When you ask them where they come from and what happened, they can't control their tears.


Sergiu, who works for MWB in Palanca and is also the pastor of the local church, has been working tirelessly to help in any way he can explained:

“So far, in these past few days, 2,000 portions have been prepared for refugees and given away at the border. The last days, around 160 people ate at the centre; some continued on their journeys, and others remained to warm themselves.”

“Thanks to the customs officers who allowed us to cross customs, we were able to feed even more people. We worked with the volunteers until 2am on Saturday. We also prepared 1,000 servings of food and fed the refugees on Sunday and I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of sponsored children, Maxim and Sandu, ready to help. They were at the Palanca customs, serving the volunteers with hot drinks.”

Some refugees are being cared for in family homes, while others are being sheltered in MWB’s community centre in Palanca. Desks and chairs have been pushed to the side of the room, and mattresses spread on the floor. The beds are always full, with more people waiting for a rest when others wake up.

All the local churches that MWB partners with throughout Moldova are helping in whatever way they can.

MWB staff member Valentina said: “These people were hungry and cold. When you approach them, they start crying. Many others were forced to stay in Ukraine.  Many people who can’t leave because they can’t leave their loved ones behind."



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