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Ana's Journey with MWB's Senior Care Program

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20% of the population in Romania is grappling with loneliness.

In the heart of Romania, where nearly 20% of the population is aged 65 or over, Ana Tomescu found herself grappling with loneliness in her golden years. Recently enrolled in Mission Without Borders' Senior Care program, Ana's story sheds light on the challenges faced by vulnerable elderly individuals.

Living alone in Brezoi, a quaint town surrounded by picturesque mountains, Ana's modest pension barely covers necessities, leaving little for nourishing food, clothing, or treats. A former mine worker, her pension reflects the struggles of her past employment. With no family support, Ana's apartment is crammed, and her only solace comes from a friend across the street who assists with chores.

Despite hardships, Ana finds joy in cultivating a small piece of land, growing vegetables, and tending to 11 hens in the warmer months. However, winter poses a challenge, restricting her outdoor activities. Loneliness weighs heavily on her, especially during the colder months when there is no elderly club in town to provide companionship.

Facing health challenges and difficulty walking, Ana's life took a positive turn with the support of MWB's Senior Care program. Regular visits from staff member Costi bring not only practical assistance but also emotional and spiritual support. Ana now receives essential food and hygiene supplies, bringing comfort and joy to her life.

Expressing gratitude for the support received, Ana emphasizes the significance of the companionship provided by MWB. She finds solace in simple pleasures, like corn flour, and trusts in God for her health. Costi, the MWB staff member, shares the profound impact of these visits, highlighting the joy that comes from having someone to talk to and the wisdom shared by the elderly.

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As Ana's story unfolds, it becomes clear that MWB's Senior Care program goes beyond material assistance, aiming to alleviate loneliness and provide lasting companionship. Supporters are invited to join in this meaningful journey, helping MWB reach more elderly individuals like Ana. 
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