Finding Faith: Bilyana's Story

Bilyana, a 14-year-old, discovers Jesus through the outreach efforts of Mission Without Borders

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"their lives took a turn when they became part of Mission Without Borders family sponsorship program."

From her early years, attending the local church with her father felt more like a chore than a spiritual experience for Bilyana. Living in a Roma community on the outskirts of Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria, amidst deep poverty and predominantly Muslim neighbours, her father's dedication to Christianity stood out.

Despite her father's efforts to instill the teachings of the Bible in her and her older sister Binka, Bilyana remained indifferent to God and people. However, their lives took a turn when they became part of Mission Without Borders's family sponsorship program. This intervention not only provided material support but also spiritual guidance through visits from our family coordinator, Ventsislav.

Initially resistant and disruptive, Bilyana's attitude began to shift when she joined the Mission's after-school program. With the guidance of dedicated teachers and volunteers, she found herself drawn to the message of faith. Through Ventsislav's mentorship and the Mission's activities, she underwent a profound transformation culminating in a personal encounter with Jesus Christ at a summer camp.

Since embracing Christianity, Bilyana's life has taken on new meaning. She finds solace and strength in her daily prayers and actively participates in church activities and volunteer work. Her father, Oleg, expresses gratitude for the support they received and marvels at the miraculous change in his daughters.

Now 14, Bilyana defies the norm in her community by prioritizing education and service over early marriage. She credits the Mission for redirecting her path and believes her life would have taken a drastically different course without their intervention.

Today, Bilyana is a beacon of hope in her community, sharing the message of God's love with other Roma children through volunteering and Sunday School teachings. Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith and the impact of organizations like Mission Without Borders. As Ventsislav reflects on her growth, he sees a future leader in the making—a testament to the enduring change through Jesus. 

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