Homelessness to Hopefulness

A homeless Man is restored in hope.

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"I never thought I'd be homeless"

"Sometimes life puts us in situations that we’re not prepared for.”

Krasimir, 55, is originally from a small village in western Bulgaria – and now lives in the capital city, Sofia. Here, there are thousands of homeless people – and very little state provision or support. Rental fraud, relationship breakdown, and unemployment are some of the main reasons people end up homeless.

In Krasimir’s case, his wife was abusive and unfaithful – and Krasimir made the difficult decision to leave her. A court order forced him to leave the children with their mother. He moved to Sofia in the hope of a new beginning.

Krasimir spent his days trying to find work and enough food to eat, and slept at night on construction sites. His hopes were quickly crushed as no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make life work out.

Krasimir said, “Life on the streets takes everything from you, everything positive, and turns every single hope into disappointment. It gives you hopelessness and cold and hunger: such a ravenous hunger that all you can think about is how to survive.”

Krasimir sought out his brother, Stefan. “I knew he lived in a dilapidated room in Sofia. I explained to him about the hard, hungry weeks I’d experienced on the streets of Sofia and the first thing he said to me was, ‘Don't worry brother, there is hope.’

“He told me about a place close to the central railway station where there are some very good people who give out a free lunch to people in need.

“When I saw the long queue of people waiting in the cold, I realised that I wasn’t the only one, that there are other fates like mine.

“At the same time, what touched me deeply wasn’t just the free food, but the warm attitude of the people who were handing it out. They were smiling and welcoming, and they acted as though there’s nothing shameful or unnatural about needing help and food.”

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Krasimir had discovered Street Mercy, a project run by Mission Without Borders to support homeless people in Sofia. Every weekday, a hot meal is served and short Bible lessons are shared. It’s a place where people can access regular support as well as find community and friendship.
Narine, the Street Mercy coordinator, said, “I often saw Krasimir in the queue with the other homeless people. From our everyday meetings and conversations, I learned about what he’s suffered and the difficult path he’s had to walk.”
After leaving his wife, Krasimir had no access to his children for a year and a half, something that broke his heart. He was then informed by police that one of his children had been harmed by Karem’s boyfriend. As a result, and with the help of police authorities, the children were placed with Krasimir permanently in Sofia.
Krasimir said, “Being on the street is hard when you’re alone, but if your children are with you, it is terrible. If God had not led me to the Street Mercy project, I wouldn’t have survived.
“I was lost. Thanks to all the support that I received from you, as well as sincere love, encouragement, and constant care, I was able to believe that there’s a future for me and for my children. This support helped me to find myself, to humble myself, and to know that God loves me and cares for me all the time.
“As a result of the Bible studies at Street Mercy, my children began to read the Bible and pray every night. Thank you, Mission Without Borders, for not forgetting those in need.”
Krasimir managed to find a small modest room for he and his children to call home. He’s currently working as a labourer. The younger children attend kindergarten regularly, the girls are studying, and his eldest, Bagryana, is an excellent student.
Narine said, “Through the staff of MWB, homeless people find not only a warm lunch, but also hope for eternal life in Jesus Christ, the Saviour of all mankind.”
More homeless people like Krasimir need our support. To donate to our Street Mercy project and help people in need, visit [webpage].

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