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"Against the Odds: A Single Mother and Child's Journey through health Struggles and Poverty"

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"Nayle was faced with the task of lighting the stove to warm their home"

Meet Nayle, a 33-year-old single mother from Ognyanovo in Bulgaria, whose life has been marred by challenges that would make even the strongest of hearts waver. Filled with fear not only for her eight-year-old son Kezim, who was once again hospitalized, but also for the frigid home awaiting their return, Nayle's story is one of resilience in the face of adversity.

Nayle's struggle began when her husband, a few years ago, had two other wives. This led to their divorce, leaving Nayle to navigate the hardships of raising her son alone. Adding to her burdens, her ex-husband severed all ties with Kezim, showing no interest in his well-being or future. Nayle's familial support was also extinguished, as her parents had passed away, and her brother refused to share their inheritance.

The harsh Bulgarian winter exacerbated Nayle's plight. With the firewood depleted, she faced the daunting task of lighting the stove to warm their home. The impending coldest winter months loomed ahead, intensifying Nayle's stress and worry.

Kezim, suffering from severe anaemia and liver problems faced more health challenges. His weak immunity made him susceptible to frequent illnesses, rendering Nayle unable to maintain a permanent job while caring for him. Nayle reflected on the hardships she endured, admitting, "There have been times when I really had nothing to put on the table to feed my child."

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Two years ago, Nayle and Kezim found a lifeline through the Mission Without Borders's sponsorship program. The support they receive, ranging from food and hygiene parcels to regular visits and emotional support from Spaska, the local family coordinator, has been a beacon of hope.

Spaska shared Kezim's academic struggles due to special educational needs and frequent absences. Despite these challenges, the teachers praised Kezim as a good child with dreams of becoming a police officer.

Recognizing the harsh Bulgarian winter, Mission Without Borders initiated Operation Winter Rescue, providing essential assistance to families like Nayle's. When Kezim was readmitted to the hospital, Spaska immediately reached out to Nayle, offering assurance that their family would receive firewood for the winter. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Nayle burst into tears at the prospect of a warm home for her child.

Visiting Nayle the next day, Spaska witnessed the profound impact of Operation Winter Rescue. Nayle expressed her gratitude, saying, "I can say with confidence that I’m no longer alone because I have you." She extended heartfelt thanks to the sponsors whose help ensured a warm home for the winter.

Nayle's story is a testament to the transformative power of support and compassion. With continued assistance, Mission Without Borders aims to extend this warmth and safety to more families like Nayle's. 


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