Church in the midst of war

Pastor Volodymyr shares God's shining light on people who have suffered and endured trauma in the Ukraine war.

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The pastor

Volodymyr Brychka, the pastor of the church in Karpylivka – and a bishop of the Sarny region – led the way in his passion to rescue people trapped in conflict zones, provide food to families suffering from shortages, and help on their way groups of disoriented, displaced mothers and children.

A kind and cheerful man, Volodymyr is 70 years old – and his fiery zeal for the Lord shows no sign of burning out. Since the war began, he has hardly spent a single week at home, but has been inspiring and organising teams of Christian volunteers throughout the region.

Volodymyr said, “During this time in particular, the faith of each Christian must be backed up by good deeds. We are witnessing a huge need for such deeds –and a huge need for God’s light to be poured out on people: on the families who are losing their loved ones, on people who no longer have a place to live, on those people who have become injured by the war and disabled, on those who are suffering from the traumatic experiences they’ve endured ... the list is long indeed. It is a big challenge but also a great opportunity for all the people who can help. 

“Needless to say, prayer support is vital. Prayers will keep our hands strong and able to work. I am extremely grateful to all our friends from abroad who continuously support us. 

Your help has had an incredible impact in our situation. May God bless you richly!”

The partnership

Mission Without Borders has partnered with Volodymyr’s church for many years, long before Russia’s full-scale invasion last year.

MWB has worked together with the church to support people living in poverty in eastern Ukraine, where conflict had been ongoing since 2014. 

From the first days of war last year, when missiles rained down all over Ukraine, trucks of food and other necessities began to fill up throughout the western regions. Little springs from every town, village, and house gradually turned into a massive torrent of help. 

The huge work of evacuating thousands of people also took place in those days. One of the powerful centres of collecting and delivering help became the church in Karpylivka village. 

“We can count on them, and they can count on us. This is essential in the work we do."


Pastor Volodymyr says, “We have always worked to reach people for Christ, and now, during the war, we do our best to help in the most effective way in the places where it’s needed the most."

It means so much that there are so many brave and devoted volunteers at Karpylivka church, who are also experienced and trustworthy. Together with our staff, they deliver help effectively.

MWB’s partnership with churches has always been a powerful tool for reaching people for Christ in Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe. 

The churches have an established place in the community, they know the local people and can provide Christian volunteers for our programmes – while MWB blesses the churches by sharing resources and providing support, this is all done to our faithful and generous supporters...none of this can happen without that support, thank you!




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