The Apostoliuc's

A story about a family living in the grips of poverty in Moldova.

“I can't express in words how happy the family was."

Winter in Moldova is a tough time for people living in poverty. Already living in harsh conditions, without enough warm clothing, firewood or food, the freezing temperatures make an already difficult life unbearable. Children walk to school in the bitter cold without proper footwear; icy winds slash through broken windows; and there is no central heating or firewood to make homes safe from the elements.

The Apostoliucs live in Moldova, in a house not yet finished that they are building themselves. There is Gheorghe, 31, Cristina, 27, and their children, 11-year-old Marius, four-year-old Silvia, and baby Amedeia.

The family live in two rooms, one where everyone sleeps, and the second, a living and cooking space, with a basin where they wash. There is no central heating, no running water, no bathroom and no inside toilet.

Gheorghe said, “Every day we have to carry water from the well for drinking, cooking, and washing. We have to walk about a kilometre to get to the well – it’s not close to the house.

“I use the cart when we need to collect a lot of water, and other times I walk. My son Marius also helps carry water, but he’s still a child so he can only carry a six-litre bottle at the most.

We’re doing our best to deal with this situation.”

Cristina has to use a manual machine to wash the clothes. She said, "It's not easy, but I'm glad Marius helps me with the housework, and Silvia gets very involved when I cook.” 

The Apostoliucs are a hard-working family, Cristina at home with the children and Gheorghe taking on jobs wherever he can in the village. All in all, the Apostoliucs’ monthly income is barely enough to cover their basic needs. 

Fortunately, the Apostoliucs are enrolled on Mission Without Borders’ (MWB) family sponsorship programme. MWB is supporting the family to move towards more financial stability and security – and this winter, they have received practical help to get them safely through the winter.

 Spridion Cozaru, the MWB staff member who supports the family, said, “When I heard that the family had no more firewood, and that winter was only half over, I said that I had to bring them some briquettes. I can’t express in words how happy the family was, and how they thanked God for this gift that brought so much joy.” 

When Spridion arrived at the house, Marius quickly helped his father unload the briquettes from his car, then together they lit a fire and their small rooms warmed up immediately. 

Spridion also brought clothes and shoes and the children excitedly put them on straight away. Marius helped his younger sister to get dressed and put her new gloves on.

Silvia said happily, “These clothes will keep me warm.” 

Silvia said happily, “These clothes will keep me warm."


Marius added that his favourite thing to do in winter is sledging. Now that he has the appropriate warm clothing, he can freely enjoy the snow and outdoors and play with his friends. 

So many families in eastern Europe struggle to get by in winter and are often forced to choose between buying food or firewood. By supporting people in poverty through the winter, MWB takes the pressure off at this challenging time of year, helping families not simply to survive, but to thrive.

With your help we can show families like the Apostoliucs how much God cares for them –and help their children to feel the warmth of God’s love wherever they go. Visit our website to find out more.

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