Damir's powerful and life changing story.

"I want to tell others about God's love".

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“MWB’s summer camp was one of the best times of my life and I will never forget it,” Damir said. “It was ten days of happiness, full of new adventures, new experiences, new ways of having fun.

Like many children growing up in poverty in Moldova, Damir worked long hours from the age of ten doing odd jobs to help his family survive. His mother earned low wages and there was never enough money to meet the family’s needs. It seemed impossible that Damir should ever have the experience of going on holiday – or a fun summer trying out new activities.

Damir, however, was enrolled on Mission Without Borders’ (MWB) child sponsorship programme –and now, looking back at all the support he was given, what he loves talking about most of all is summer camp.

“I was so happy to be there, away from my hard work at home and the other struggles that I don’t want to remember.” 

It was Damir’s dream to become a volunteer at summer camp – and bless younger children in the way he had been blessed. He was thrilled when Ion, the local MWB staff member, told him they were running a day camp and asked him to help. 

Ion said, “A few days before the day camp started, I went to the local church to say that we’d need to get the area ready, put out the trampoline, blow up some balloons and put up the decorations to make the environment more colourful for the kids. And guess who was the first one who wanted to help? Of course, it was Damir. You should’ve seen his enthusiasm in getting everything organised, and how he was always offering to help.” 

Damir said, “I loved being involved at this camp – the children’s smiles say it all. Each time I was giving out the snacks, the children’s excitement was priceless. I remember when I was a little boy and how happy I was when I was given a treat that I never had at home. 

“I also enjoyed the discussions that we had in our group, talking to the children, asking and answering questions.” 

Damir explained his motivation for wanting to help at the camp. 

“I’ve viewed this day camp as a way to show my Father that I love him. I want to tell others about his love, and I pray and hope that other children will be as strongly impacted as I once was at summer camp. I want to show the same love, kindness, and care to other children that was shown to me.”

 Ion, the MWB coordinator, said, “I remember that shy, withdrawn little boy Damir used to be. He was the happiest of everyone when he was given a small prize. And I remember him becoming very serious as he talked about his hardships at home.

“Now I look at this handsome young man who is literally like a burning fire for God."


He is the same boy of few words, but he’s also always the first one to help, any time help is needed. His expression is full of hope, joy and compassion.

“I loved seeing Damir at the camp. His joy, passion, and enthusiasm were an encouragement and a motivation for me, reminding me powerfully that the Mission’s work has an impact and transforms lives.”

With the help of our supporters, we hope to send more children like Damir to summer camp – and see God’s love transform their lives.

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